Athlete Insight in Action: Upcoming Publications and Presentations

When Dr. Bennett was not training for her marathon or seeing clients this summer, she kept herself busy with professional projects. Athlete Insight is pleased to announce Dr. Bennett’s upcoming publications:

“Eating Disorders in Athletes” co-authored with Stephanie Rushing, RD. In Eating Disorders in Special Populations: Nutritional Therapeutics, Prevention and Treatment (Edited by Stephanie Rushing). Due to be released on Amazon later this month.

“Mental Skills Training” co-authored with Jim Taylor, PhD. In Cycling Science (edited by Mikel Zabala and Stephen S. Cheung). In press, release date not yet determined.

Dr. Bennett also submitted her original dissertation research as a manuscript to be considered for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

Now that she finished her writing projects, Dr. Bennett is preparing to present at the Association for Applied Sport Psychology’s Annual Conference in Las Vegas next month (October). The workshop, “Identify, Refer, Then What? A Clinical Perspective of Treatment for Athletes with Eating Disorders”, will be co-presented with Jessica Dale, PsyD.