Out of respect for client confidentiality, Athlete Insight does not solicit testimonials from current or past clients. However, Athlete Insight honors the desire to learn about Dr. Bennett through the words of others. As a result, this page was created to satisfy curiosity and provide an opportunity to review other professionals' experiences of Dr. Bennett. 

“I had the distinct honor and pleasure of being Dr. Kate Bennett's dissertation advisor, practicum supervisor, professor, and co-leader in eating disorder groups.  She is an outstanding psychologist in every way--extremely competent clinically, compassionate, highly ethical, completely reliable, well-acquainted with relevant research in the field, and dedicated to her clients. It is a joy to be in her presence and an honor to work with her in any capacity.  Her dedication to the profession of psychology and to her clients' health and well-being set her apart as one of the most talented professionals I have ever worked with or known. She inspires everyone with whom she comes into contact and creates an atmosphere of warmth, trust, creativity, and collaboration.”  

Susan Cooper, PhD

“It was an honor and a privilege to have served as Dr. Bennett’s clinical supervisor during her doctoral internship. I felt very fortunate to have played a small role in her growth as a clinician.  While it often falls to the supervisor to inspire interns, in working with Dr. Bennett, I found myself inspired by her fearlessness, tenacity, intellect, and interpersonal warmth.  Her background as an elite athlete allows her to truly embrace a holistic approach in working with her clients.  She is a great example of what happens when hard work, compassion, and creativity come together in an individual, and her clients are the beneficiaries.”

Eric Denson, PhD

"Dr. Kate Bennett is one of the best clinical psychologists that I have had the pleasure of working with. She was a colleague at the Eating Disorder Center of Denver and is an expert at addressing eating disorder, body image, and exercise dependency concerns. She is a knowledgeable clinician with a warm, caring, and empathetic approach. In a word, she’s incredible at what she does!"

Jessica Dale, PsyD, LCSW, CC-AASP

“Dr. Kate Bennett effortlessly establishes an empathic connection with her clients, working with them to achieve their goals and improve both their physical and mental health.  Highly skilled and knowledgeable, Dr. Bennett approaches her work with dedication and enthusiasm.  It was a pleasure working with her.  I am confident that clients I refer to Dr. Bennett will be given exceptional quality of care.” 

Marissa Battaglia, PhD

"My collaborations with Dr. Bennett have been the most successful and fulfilling in my career as a psychiatrist. Her approach is professional yet warm, structured yet not rigid, and is informed by a deep understanding of what it means to live a fulfilling life, as an athlete or simply as a person."

Michael Rollin, MD

“Dr. Bennett is a consistent and compassionate clinician. She empowers those she works with to identity and hone their strengths in order to achieve their goals and live in accordance with their values. Something I admire is her capacity to deliver straight-forward feedback while simultaneously communicating warmth and calm. I have learned a great deal from her as a former colleague at the Eating Disorder Center of Denver and feel wholly confident in referring clients to her.”

Jennifer Batson, PsyD

"I had the great pleasure of working together with Dr. Bennett while we were both pre-doctoral interns at the Western Washington University Counseling Center. Kate immediately became a great friend. Her professional skills are well documented here, but as a friend she proved to be just as compassionate, intelligent, understanding, and thoughtful as she was in her professional work. I believe her great success as a psychologist comes from the fact that she is genuine and authentic in all that she does, in any setting. While she certainly has excellent training and experience, it's very difficult to teach character, and Kate’s as pure as they come."

Mark S. Green, PhD

“I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Dr. Kate Bennett at the EDC of Denver.  Dr. Bennett offers a vast range of clinical skills and qualities that sufficiently meet the needs of all her clients.  She presents highly professional, compassionate and engages her clients with authentic encouragement and empowerment.  Dr. Bennett has the unwavering ability to hold firm structure and therapeutic boundaries, all while continuously challenging her clients to strive for their personal best life.   Dr. Bennett has stayed current in her field, provided the professional community with education and the latest research and is considered an expert in the field of eating disorders and elite athletics.  It has been my pleasure collaborating with Dr. Bennett these past years and it is her exceptional professional and personal influence that inspires me to challenge my own growth and excellence as a fellow clinician.”

Dana Chorpenning, LPC

"As a therapist, one of my objectives is to challenge and encourage people to overlap their values with their daily living in an effort to live authentically.  I can’t think of anyone that better exemplifies this goal.  Dr. Bennett is an expert clinician and a supportive colleague, but above all else she is an incredible person.  She will inspire you."

J. Casey Martin, LPC

“Kate Bennett, PsyD is a true advocate, teacher, encourager and clinician, in every sense of these words, she exemplifies truth, light and hope in the way she works.  As one who’s similarly stared into the sun and survived, it is not cliché to say we look through life’s lens with new eyes. Dr. Bennett has a way with people and patients that not all have, making the patient feel deeply cared for and safe, probably the two most important aspects of a therapist/patient relationship. Few have the capacity to truly register with an individual or an audience when working through the complex matters of eating disorders and sport, but Kate reaches all, effectively and successfully."

Dotsie Bausch, Professional Cyclist