New Recovery Group Coming to Denver: Exercise (re)Defined!

For Immediate Release:

Athlete Insight is excited to introduce an innovative new group to the Denver eating disorder recovery scene: Exercise (re)Defined.

Goal: Empower individuals to establish a healthy relationship with exercise, sport, and fitness

When: Monday evenings (7-8:30pm)

January 19, 2015 through February 23, 2015

Where: Goodson Recreation Center (Centennial, CO)

Who, what, and why:

Kate Bennett, PsyD, and Ian Palombo, MA, designed this group specifically for individuals recovering from eating disorders and exercise dependency. Built upon the core concepts of values, mindfulness, and empowerment, Exercise (re)Defined strives to promote mindful and intuitive exercise practices through experiential learning and group processing. The six-week curriculum educates individuals on the core components of fitness: Cardiorespiratory, stability, resistance, flexibility, and power training. In addition, the group addresses the importance of recovering from training as well as explores organized sport and group exercise options.

Pre-quisites include:

  • A completed medical release (Provided by Athlete Insight, PC)
  • Active engagement in recovery + maintenance of a healthy weight (Endorsed by the participant’s individual therapist)
  • A signed release of information for the participant's individual therapist (Provided by Athlete Insight, PC)

Please contact Kate Bennett, PsyD, Director of Athlete Insight for more information. Space is limited.

Contact Info:



Kate Bennett, PsyD is the founder and director of Athlete Insight, PC. She is a Clinical Sport Psychologist and specializes in the treatment of athletes with eating disorders. Dr. Bennett combines her background in athletics as an athlete, coach, and athletic trainer with her clinical expertise to meet the unique demands of athletes recovering from eating disorders.

Ian J. Palombo, MA, works as a milieu therapist at the Eating Disorder Center of Denver and holds numerous certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a strength and conditioning coach. He combines his experiences as a competitive athlete and coach with his clinical training to create mindfulness-based training approaches for athletes struggling with eating disorders.