Thrive into the Weekend (3.21.14)

[Thrive into the Weekend: A blog series designed to empower athletes to thrive in life and sport by encouraging intentional action]

By Kate Bennett, PsyD

As spring weather set in over the past week, more and more people traveled the path behind our home. A “people-watcher” by nature, I am always curious about the individuals passing by. Sadly, I noticed that, more often than not, most of the people were still connected to some form of technology. Notable observations: An adolescent walking with his family while wearing headphones, a runner jamming to music so loudly he did not hear me yelling “On your left” (note:  I could hear his music from 20 feet away), a woman walking her dog while reading an eBook, and multiple other women pushing strollers while mindlessly talking on the phone or listening to music (note: Attachment formation begins the day a child is born).

My idea for this post came well before I was aware of the National Day of Unplugging; however, I am happy to see there is a movement in place. Our society is so connected to technology that we often forget how to be without it…how to engage in the moment without some sort of screen stimulating our minds. Thrive into the Weekend by unplugging your phones, tablets, and computers. Disconnect to re-connect with your surroundings, family, and friends. You will be amazed by what you learn about yourself and others without the distraction of technology. As Lindsay Holmes wrote in her Huffington Post article, our happiest moments do not come from something posted on social media, they come from moments in life. Disconnect…unplug…thrive.