Thrive into the Weekend (1.17.14)

By Kate Bennett, PsyD

So often, people read an article or blog post earlier in the week that inspires change but forget about that inspiration after a long week. Athlete Insight’s Thrive into the Weekend is an intentional blog series that strives to re-inspire as you head into the weekend. Through reflection and a mindful moment, Thrive into the Weekend reconnects you with personal and athletic intentions.

Earlier this week, I wrote about goal setting. Knowing that practice leads to behavioral change, take a moment to identify one or two goals for the weekend. Think about how those goals relate to your long-term (big picture) goals. Your weekend goals do not need to be complex or difficult. Instead, think about one or two things you can accomplish this weekend that support your big picture. Perhaps it is getting to bed earlier after a long week of training, improving refueling habits during or after a workout, or connecting with others. Slow down, take a deep breath, and identify what you can intentionally work on this weekend. Assuming you achieve your goals, you will carry that momentum into next week and will be one step closer to your long-term goals.