Out of respect for client confidentiality, Athlete Insight does not solicit testimonials from current or past clients. However, Athlete Insight honors the desire to learn about Dr. Bennett through the words of others. As a result, this page was created to satisfy curiosity and provide an opportunity to review other professionals' experiences of Dr. Bennett. 

“I had the distinct honor and pleasure of being Dr. Kate Bennett's dissertation advisor, practicum supervisor, professor, and co-leader in eating disorder groups.  She is an outstanding psychologist in every way--extremely competent clinically, compassionate, highly ethical, completely reliable, well-acquainted with relevant research in the field, and dedicated to her clients. It is a joy to be in her presence and an honor to work with her in any capacity.  Her dedication to the profession of psychology and to her clients' health and well-being set her apart as one of the most talented professionals I have ever worked with or known. She inspires everyone with whom she comes into contact and creates an atmosphere of warmth, trust, creativity, and collaboration.”  

Susan Cooper, PhD

“It was an honor and a privilege to have served as Dr. Bennett’s clinical supervisor during her doctoral internship. I felt very fortunate to have played a small role in her growth as a clinician.  While it often falls to the supervisor to inspire interns, in working with Dr. Bennett, I found myself inspired by her fearlessness, tenacity, intellect, and interpersonal warmth.  Her background as an elite athlete allows her to truly embrace a holistic approach in working with her clients.  She is a great example of what happens when hard work, compassion, and creativity come toget